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Ciaran Whelan

Front End Web Developer

A husband, a father, a lover of the outdoors, a coding enthusiast and pixel perfect web developer

Born in Adelaide South Australia. My mother and I moved to go back to my her home country of South Africa. I studied through to matriculation as a Mechanical draftsman, taking the path of my father. I graduated with a degree in Mechanical Drafting with my N5 Certificate. Having seen the horrors that can be expected prior to Mandela taking over leadership I decided to travel to Israel, in which my backpacking was only meant to be for the 1 year.

I decided to continue on with my backpacking career in which I made particularly good friends with for 9 years. Travelling right through Europe, Turkey, New Zealand, Ireland, and then back to my roots of Australia. After many years exploring I married a fantastic girl, have a beautiful daughter, and now settled right into my Web Development/Design and Graphic Design Studio in West Lakes, South Australia. Now that I have found my grounding, it feels like I have no limitations in designing for the web, I can unleash every ounce of design without constraints.